I like green. I’m drawn to it. I associate green with growth, vitality, and life. I painted a kitchen Restoration Hardware’s Sycamore Green, which I highly recommend—it will work in any room, cross my heart. I painted a bedroom Betsy Ross House Moss and it turned out nicely. Once upon a time, I painted my living room Avocado. (That was a mistake—one that I will never repeat.) Green is a strong contender in the contest for the exterior paint color—somehow green will work its way into the exterior by siding or by rooftop. That’s how much I like green.

But this green is like nothing I’ve ever seen. And it takes the rest right out of restroom. This, my friends, is the downstairs bathroom. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

I spy two lamps, one vacuum cleaner, a free-standing ashtray and a bottle of Mary Kay moisturizer in this bathroom. I can’t explain any of this. Even the things that should belong somehow don’t.

Like everything else in this house, this bathroom is going under the knife. For starters, we will replace that vanity with a pedestal sink. You can expect subway tile, honeycomb tile, or maybe penny round. You can expect anything but jungle green!

Here are a few of the ideas I sent along to my contractor.

If you have suggestions, I’d love to hear. Just leave a comment—most of you comment through Facebook, which I greatly appreciate, but the rest of the world is missing out on the good things you say. Thanks for reading this far! The real fun is just around the corner.