From Please Be Still

The kitchen and the front porch—those were on my must-be-good list when I was house hunting. I’m two-for-two and I’m presently obsessing over the kitchen. Since meeting with Brad (contractor) last week, I haven’t stopped thinking about the possibilities. Perhaps it’s because the kitchen seems to be most customizable. Or, maybe because there is something magnetic about the kitchen—everyone winds up in the kitchen—I know and anticipate it so naturally, I want the kitchen to be everybody’s favorite room.

From Roll & Tumble Press

When it comes to art, I like printmaking and I’ve got a soft spot for anything printed on a letterpress printer. I appreciate that it takes care to mix ink and run it through the press by hand. I took a printmaking class last summer and fell in love right then and there. Letterpress printing reminds me of cooking—you’re wise to wear an apron when doing both. In the spirit of apron-wearing, I’m including a few handmade prints that, with the proper frames, I’d be happy to display in my soon-to-be kitchen.

Have a lovely weekend!

Yeehaw Industries