There’s a wall standing in the middle of what will be the kitchen. Once it’s out, there’s plenty of room for “living space” within the kitchen. I ran across this kitchen living space in an old issue of Country Home. I’d like to create a spot like this in my kitchen.

This is not my color scheme (not even a little). Actually, this isn’t my style at all. I have an aversion to yellow walls that I cannot fully explain; I’m sure it’s something from my childhood. I also have an aversion to knitting, floral-scented candles, Vera Bradley bags and Brighton jewelry—again, I cannot explain why I am turned off. I just am. This is the baggage I bring to the renovation process. Regardless, I can appreciate that this is a space well done.

For the record: If you love yellow paint I fully support you in all your sunny-side-up-ness. And if you like Vera or Brighton, you are on to something because each has its own store in the Green Hills Mall and they don’t let just anybody into that place. The Green Hills Mall has not approached me to ask my opinion on anything, nor have they asked me to open a store—so what do I know?