I told my friends Jeff & Melissa the story behind Bradford. They told their friend Kevin (a video guy). Two days later I meet Kevin as he unloads video equipment in my driveway. I thought Kevin and Jeff were stopping by to see the house. I had no idea.

Amy to Kevin: “Hi. I’m Amy……. Maybe I should tell you about the house first?”

Kevin to Amy: “Don’t tell me anything. Tell me on camera so it’s fresh.

What is going on around here? Is he serious? He is seriously going to make a video. I am in this video? I have no idea what’s really going on. (But he seems nice. And professional.)

Kevin jets off to grab something camera-related. I speed dial Brad.

Amy to Brad (via TXT): I need to brief you about meeting at 1:30. Something sort of blew up in a good way.

Note: Always use the words “blew up” with your contractor. “Blew up” communicates urgency in a way that “call me” does not. And, if your plan for the day was go make iPhone videos of your contractor explaining the changes coming to the house and suddenly there’s a professional video guy in your driveway, don’t you think that counts as blowing up in a good way?

Thirty minutes later the camera rolled—so did the sweat as it was mascara’s-melting-off-my-face hot inside the house. Considering we were in there for about an hour and a half, I’d say we carved a day or two off our lives breathing mold. Sorry, Kevin.

[vimeo 14257616]