Built-in bookshelves—that’s an obvious change to the living room/fireplace. The trouble with obvious is it’s the last thing you want to do once you start thinking differently.

We were standing on the porch talking about siding or roofing or something when Brad said, “What if we opened the fireplace up from both sides?” (As in fireplace on the porch/fireplace in the living room)

Uhm. What if we cause a ten-car pile-up when my neighbors run off the road because they see flames on my porch? Everybody up your insurance policies ASAP because we are about to cause a crash. What if this idea works? What if I burn down the house? Any of these scenarios are possible.

The next idea was equally good,”What if we put long/slender French doors on each side of the fireplace so that you could move from the porch to the living room?” Yes. Yes we should. This is brilliant to the second power (as in brilliant squared).

Last week we went to Preservation Station in search of skinny French doors—two pairs, please. Of course, there were plenty of things to like. If you live in the Nashville area and you like old salvaged mantles, doors, lighting, etc. you absolutely must stop by Preservation Station and get to know Julia and the gang. They are terrific (as is the inventory) and she is a wealth of knowledge.

In the meantime, I started to wonder if the doors would seem shoved into the space. Or if the fireplace would overpower the doors. That would stink. It wasn’t working out in my mind they way I wanted it to. I started to doubt the idea. That’s a near-death experience for a creative soul. I concluded that French doors are a paint-sample-decision.  A paint-sample decision is a decision you can’t make until you see it on the wall. I just made this whole paint-sample-decision thing up—that’s how I know what it means.

Yesterday I stopped in Preservation Station and explained my plight to Julia. She sent me home with two sets of doors which are presently propped against the wall for consideration. I like them both for different reasons.

Option One:

Option 2:

What do you think?


Have you all thought about the fact that we actually make an effort to bring fire into our homes? Every now and then I have a moment of clarity when I realize this “normal” thing I’m doing could be utterly disastrous. Y’all just ponder that the next time you throw a starter log into the fireplace that is connected to your HARD WOOD FLOORS. I’m just saying…