You probably won’t throw up. But you might really like this company.

My friend, Brittney lives in Portland, OR., home of fabulous neighborhoods, old bungalows, Schoolhouse Electric and my cousin, Jeff. She likes this blog and is participating in my renovation from afar. Her opinion on my fireplace situation encouraged me to drop the idea of blowing it to bits. I listen to her. Yesterday she told me about Rejuvenation—actually she said that I should come to Portland and see the showroom for myself. I listen to her… I should go to Portland. Twist my arm, Brittney.

So, of course, I googled Rejuvination and the front page of their site was enough to make me a believer. Immediately, I forwarded the link with a the subject line: “You are going to throw up.” He is used to this sort of crazy talk.

Every good contractor knows that “You are going to throw up” is code for ‘You’ll like this Website.’” I usually say, “Prepare your heart” or “You are going to love this” or “Do not open this e-mail if you’re thinking of going to sleep” or “I might die of this.” When I’m feeling really mature, I cut all this nonsense and make the subject line “OMG.”

Take a look.

You can get the whole story on Rejuvenation here.

Thanks for the inspiration, Brittney.  I’ve got frequent flyer miles to burn….