Since I am in New York (for all of 36 hours) it seems right to mention someone of New York status. I choose Meg Ryan. She is the actress behind some of my favorite onscreen characters. Recently, Elle Decor did quite the photo shoot of her home on Martha’s Vineyard.


Here’s what I like about Meg’s style:

  • Lighting. She likes her lights lined up in a row. I do, too. It really works well because she has so much space and the fact that her palette is neutral the lights really get their due in her home. (I especially love the lighting in the bathroom. Actually, I like it all.)
  • Doors. She has some great french doors, great sliding barn doors (love the hardware on those). I really like the hardware on the bedroom door.
  • Kitchen. I could cook a million meals in that kitchen. I can find no fault with it—no fault at all.
  • Windows. I have been thinking about this for a while and I haven’t even mentioned it to Brad (until this moment) but I’ve been wanting to ask him what he thinks of working windows into the inside of the house. She does this in the kitchen and in the dining room (above the vintage “Flowers” sign). I was thinking about this just a few days ago. There’s no room in my house for this (we’re at capacity) but this is a thought to hang onto—just shove it into the file. Another house will call for it.

The full article, written by Ingrid Abramovitch and photographed by William Waldron can be found here.

In case you are thinking my being in New York is somehow glamorous, let me tell you that I am in a Holiday Inn Express in Syracuse that is not an entirely smoke-free facility. I’d love to be in NYC with the Wyatts, Leigh Anna, and NYC Courtney. Instead, I will appreciate that I am in Jim Boeheim’s neck of the woods since I always route for the Orange in the Big East/NCAA tournaments.