I grabbed the October issue of Country Living while I was at the airport last weekend. Of course, I regretted this. It is no fun to look at a magazine and that makes you want to talk ideas and say things like: Would you look at this? I love it. How smart is that? when you are siting across the aisle from strangers. So I did not say any of those things. I made a list of ideas and slapped  Post-It notes on nearly every page.

Here’s one of three of the great spaces featured. Maybe this place taps into my love of sharpened pencils and school supplies—or maybe it just deserves an A+. My favorite things: the front doors, chalkboard, pommel horse (seriously. this is brilliant. they are just showing off now….), sliding door, uhm everything you see. I like everything you see.

Take a look.

Let’s give credit where credit is due. Joshua Lyon does a fantastic job telling the story. Roland Bello’s photography captures every perfect thing about the place and Christina Lane’s styling—well, I aspire to it. Grab a copy of the magazine. Read the story. And see the rest of the pictures. There’s much more in the mag.

Happy day, y’all.