Proceed with caution. I have no idea how this blog looks (format-wise). Preview isn’t working. I’m totally winging it. Don’t judge.

Last weekend, my friend Nichole and I braved the heat and near dehydration to scour the Flea Market. Actually, we were just thirsty and we ran-through the place in record time because it was 95 degrees and we are decisive souls, aware of what we can and cannot live without. There wasn’t a single thing we couldn’t live without. But there were plenty of things that grabbed our attention.

In addition to my love of things on wheels and anything industrial, I seem to like things with numbers and stencils. When I saw this desk it reminded me of something Layla from The Lettered Cottage might like—that’s a total guess. Her blog is great and if you need inspiration click now or forever hold your peace.

Nichole and I both stopped to stare at this coffee table. I’m not sure what grabbed us—the color or the metal grate/shelf under the wood. But we both stopped to look so that’s a good sign.

And then there were lockers. Lockers everywhere. And, of course, I like them and can think of a thousand uses for them. The basement, laundry room, a retro kitchen pantry, art supplies in a studio space—all would be nice places to house a row of lockers. I say place your lockers right in the middle of pretty things—brave juxtaposition is attractive. It’s sort of like clothing. The key to looking good is acting like you do. If you act like you match, sometimes you do even when common sense tells you not to leave the house dressed like that. People will either think you’re stylishly one-of-a-kind or out of your mind. About those lockers…

The October Flea Market is the biggest and best of the year. Don’t miss it. Fourth Saturday. Nichole and I will be there.

Updates/pics on Bradford coming tomorrow! The best green roof I’ve ever seen sits atop my house.