When I’m at a loss for things to talk about, I bring up the TV/fireplace/visual and mental fiasco through which I walk. Perhaps fiasco is dramatic? This idea came forth a week or so ago, I’m just getting around to talking about it because I’m playing catch up. I’m presently losing—in case you’re wondering.

I was looking for something entirely different when this idea presented itself as if to say, “Here I am, the solution to all your where-will-you-put-the-television woes.” BRILLIANT. This is nothing short of brilliant; everything about this is right. Grade A idea, I say.”

From House Beautiful

Of course, this started a hunt for easels. (I recommend eBay and Craigslist.) Quite frankly, new easels are about the same price as a piece of furniture. And, I’d rather have remnants of paint hanging around, telling their own story while adding character to what an alternatively ho-hum entertainment center.

You would know that this will not work in my living room. Reasons too many to explain. I am not going to get into just how illogical my daydreams come across sometimes. But I get an A+ for effort. (And, yes, the grade counts even if you give it to yourself. It’s fine to look yourself in the eye and say, “Good effort, kid. You keep bringing those ideas to the table. They’ll work in somebody’s house someday.”)

Making it work in my living room, would mean striking the couch and adding bean bags to the room. I’ve already lived the bean bag season of my life. I’m past it. But you keep rocking it if that’s where you are. Lounge your heart out. I’m hoping the easel idea will work in the comfy end of the kitchen and once I find the right easel—one that has been well-loved and well-used and costs less than my monthly house payment—I’m going for it.

And, of course, I’m still figuring out the TV/living room thing. Maybe I’ll just forgo the TV and start a book club instead. Nothing says welcome to my home like a required reading list.

Easels to jumpstart your brain.

From Craigslist

I have no idea. Google the word easel. You’ll find it.

From eBay