So, I’m in Spokane—so are a lot of great antique stores. And, I happen to be here with my friend, Shela-Lyn who is quite frankly, the most creative person on this planet. I’m serious. She wrote a book on giving the perfect gift. Shela-Lyn has never said a word about the book because she’s as humble and selfless as they come. Let me shoot straight with you. Buy the book. Her ideas are terrific. And if you implement them, you will come off as one of the most thoughtful people on the planet—a terrific giver of gifts.

I spent hours roaming around an antique store with her. Every time we turned a corner the words “What if…” came from my mouth to which she replied, “You could…” I love that woman.

Here’s what you can find in Spokane.

Oh, if I were only traveling by land instead of air… That chair would be m.i.n.e.


Letterpress Print Cabinet


A very old phone that I’d like to hear ring.


Old plans for a beauty salon—might be cool framed in a powder room.


I’ve never seen these before. They are old plates for printing newspapers. They are embossed and a texture lover’s dream come true. I snatched one about WWII that will look absolutely terrific next to a framed American Red Cross Flag and a vintage typewriter. The journalist in me couldn’t resist. Just could not resist. SOLD.


If only I could have gotten that orange chair home. Oh, well.