If I took a picture of the stacks of magazines piled upstairs in the corner of my bedroom you would call the EPA and report me as an environmental threat. Yesterday I had a stare-down with the piles and said I cannot live like this. I started sorting through issues of Southern Living, House Beautiful, Living, Country Living, Traditional Home and the 600 Pottery Barn catalogs that arrive in my mailbox each month. Also, the reality of packing up the house we live in is sinking in. Mercy.

In the midst of my flipping through and tearing out, I came across Country Living House of the Year. It’s a modular home, y’all—as in pre-fab, as in house-in-a-box. I think you all must know that this blows my mind. We, the lowly people who design and build Bradford Avenue do not have a pre-fab bone in our bodies. And my feelings are a tiny bit hurt because Country Living has gone and made a house-in-a-box their home of the year. At least it’s green. Thank God it’s green. The redemption begins. Now that I’ve come to terms with this I do have to ask myself: Self, who are you to knock Country Living? I must say, after looking at the pictures it’s one charming house and for the person who doesn’t want to tear a house apart and stand around staring at ceiling joists and studs daydreaming about what could be, for that person, this House of the Year is perfect. It’s a truly smart solution for building if building isn’t your thing.

They make me want to do something prefab. Okay. That was a lie. But I can appreciate the beauty. Check it out. Would you do prefab? And, I promise. I won’t judge you if you say yes.

Wallpaper on the ceiling. Nice.


Well just go right ahead and paint something purple why don’t you? Personally, I have done this and lived to regret it. It didn’t turn out like this.

Round mirrors against a vertical line. Nice.

I really really like the way this looks.

This mud room begs for mud.

You see why this gets me, don’t you. It’s so pretty. So lovely. So right. But I’m such a purist when it comes to building. Or maybe I’m just a renovator. That’s it. A total renovator. And, you?