Open shelving. Some of you like it. Some of you don’t. I like it in doses. Moderate doses. Everybody needs a cabinet or two to hide the gross plastic cups collected from a lifetime of sporting events and random restaurants. For the most part I like my shelves like I like my people—open.

Since the cabinet side of kitchen planning is something like 60% behind me, I am presently thinking about just how the open shelves should look. I just made up the 60% part. I really have no idea how many more decisions remain. We reworked and redesigned the cabinet set-up last week at which point great debate about trash drawers and pantry space ensued.

I must confess. It’s a lot of fun to plan a kitchen, to really think through the space with regard to the way you cook and even how you unload groceries and dishwashers.

A smattering of kitchens with open shelving:

(uhm… there’s a dog on the counter. this is my favorite.)

A smattering of shelving options:

Whistle-Stop Hook Shelf

Stainless-steel from Pottery Barn

Recycled Pine Wood Bookcase from Wisteria

Café Shelving from Ballard Designs


Rustic Railroad Tie Shelf from Sprout Home