You have to know about KAM Lamp Co.

Amanda is one of those curious types who takes a thing apart just to see how it works. She’s very much a restorer—houses, lamps, windows, whatever she can get her hands on. It is a very good thing that Amanda runs KAM Lamp Co. from Shreveport, LA because if she were in Nashville I’d be standing in her shop every day with a new question. Amanda, do you think we can restore these factory windows? Amanda, what would you do with this old barn wood? Amanda, I have an idea for a light; do you think you can make it?

Vintage Minimalist


Vintage Minimalist Handle

She’s been restoring and making fixtures for more than 20 years. “I was never satisfied with what was available and definitely didn’t want anything mass-produced, so I made my own.” She also said, “I truly don’t consider myself an artist, but I am creative.” Oh, Amanda. Knock it off with the modesty. You’re an artist. And, in a mass-produced world you are a home-renovator’s dream come true.

Yesterday I called Amanda and said, “I want to use your lights in my house. I’m just not sure which one will work best.” Essentially, I need a few versions to dangle from a ceiling joist so that I can stand back, stare, and make an educated decision. I really like the Vintage Minimalist with a handle but I have to think through whether or not they would work in the hallway as they will need to be “the perfect length.” And what’s the point in having the handle if it’s not anything you’d notice because of positioning…

Amanda sent an e-mail last night with my all sorts of options; I realized these lights to be just what I want them to be. I wanted to hug her after I read her e-mail. My friends say I squeeze when I hug—it’s all that gratitude working its way out of me, I guess.

Cord Color Options


Canopy Finish Options


Handle Finishes

Check out KAM Lamp Co. on etsy. She does great work. And, if you live in the Nashville area you’ll see her handiwork at Zumi Sushi and Bar No. 308. And as usual, I love to hear what you think. Handles? No handles?