Initially, I had absolutely no vision for the master bath. I was dead weight. Total dead weight. But I have rallied, y’all. Yesterday, I said to Brad: “I am back. And you are going to freak out because I have ideas. And you will like them. Get ready.” I like to warn him.

So, here’s my rough sketch of the master bath.  And I say rough for several reasons:

  1. I am not an artist.
  2. I used a fingernail file as a ruler when I drew the lines.
  3. I also used white out for the first time since my high school typing class. You cannot see it b/c I scanned this….
  4. Nothing about this is to scale. From the looks of this, you could ride a bike in circles in the bathroom. That simply is not the case. But at least you can see the layout of the room now.

There is absolutely no room for pride on this blog—I draw to keep myself humble.

Initially, I planned on using pedestal sinks throughout the house because I like the clean, classy way they stand there waiting to pour water on dirty hands. But in a room like this, a pedestal sink will get lost and feel a little where’s waldo-ish. I cannot have my sink standing there looking lonely. And I don’t want two of them in there.

Here’s the vision for the master bath.

  • The exposed beams in the master bedroom are in this room, too.
  • A very old steel encased factory window I snagged from Werthan Factory is going in the wall between the bedroom and bath.
  • We are running a wide-plank hardwood through the upstairs. But we are going to paint the bathroom floor. Yes. We are going to paint the wood. I know some of you think we have lost our minds. We’re fine with that. Watch and see, friends. Watch and see.
  • The tub is a drop-in soaker tub—clean, classic, and rectangular. We are hoping to find or make a wrap with old barn wood.

With the tub and shower on one wall, which is an interior wall, the room could easily become lop-sided. The windows on the exterior wall create a lot of visual breathing room, so we definitely cannot do a pedestal sink. We need something of real substance over there. We love substance. I really love substance.

This has led me on a hunt for a sink of utilitarian proportions. Here’s what I’ve found thus far:

Kohler Wash Sink

American Standard Country Farmhouse Sink

Harborview™ Self-rimming Or Wall-mount Utility Sink

We could use an apron front/farm sink.

I don’t think I’ve ever liked marble anything until this very moment. How beautiful is that?

And there’s always the sink-in-a-dresser approach, which I think can be terrific.

I will keep you posted on how this turns out. It’s a lot of fun—all this figuring out. I’m going for pretty and useful. My aim is to make Willaim Morris proud. He said: “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” We can do both. Watch and see.