My dad used to throw that saying around whenever my sister and I got things right or showed a little enthusiasm about whatever we did. This morning I woke up and thought We are cooking with gas. Literally. Figuratively. All of it. We are so close to starting on the details on which I have been waiting to work. This project is about to move at the speed of Brad. Brad is quick.

Here’s a layout of the kitchen. I decided against an island. I don’t think I’ll use it. I know you think I’ve lost my mind. I haven’t. I’m just kidding about the island—you didn’t think I would skip the island, did you? The island is in the back of my car. Sort of. My uncle found some old industrial cast iron legs from a machine table in his workshop. He gave them to me at Thanksgiving. I have to clean them up–a bit of sanding is necessary. They are the perfect combination of rusty and worn. They will do what they are supposed to do against those clean white cabinets—they will shine, old worn out, cast iron legs might steal the show. They just might.

All along I’ve been leaning toward a custom hood, something cool with reclaimed wood. Brad handed me this picture about two seconds after we met and said: This is so you. And he is right, this terribly scanned, crinkled up magazine photo is so me. We have since learned that there are actually several versions of me. Back to the photo: what about that handy little niche for the blender? It screams smarty-pants.

Of course, we are not sold. Not yet.

From Elle Decor // Sarah Jessica Parker’s Kitchen


Tile/Brick Hood

This slays me. It makes me think of knights and jousting which makes me think of First Knight, which makes me think of Heath Ledger, which makes me sad. This won’t do. And, I feel compelled to yell, “unguard.” But I am not sure knights say that—I am making this part up.

From Canadian House and Home (I like this a lot. You might have guessed as much.)

I like each of these. I, however, do not have cabinets on each side of the hood.


And, there is something I really like about this—off the cuff, I think it’s probably the black finish cozied up to all that white. My second thought is Amy, silly girl, you love this because it’s made from metal that was on the roof of a barn.

Personally, I am leaning toward the tile/brick version, or something metal, and I really like the black barn metal.