I used to be paralyzed with indecision so vexed about what sort of floor to do in the bathroom, how to lay out the space, which sink to choose, etc. that I finally said, “Let’s just throw down some linoleum and call it a bathroom.”

Sometimes I joke. For all of two seconds the good contractor thought I was serious. Empty threats. Empty threats.

When you start out with this sort of bathroom, the sky is the limit. Ironically, the sky really was the limit considering we took the roof off. It was out with the old and in with a new roof and a new layout. I tried to hang on to the blue fish as a memento. Someone tossed it—who would think them trash? Crazy framers. I know it wasn’t the contractor.

Let’s just say that I’m almost at a decision on my bathroom. Now I’m just vexed. I’m past the paralysis because I have no choice. It’s time. Yes. It’s January. Yes. I started thinking about this in like July. Yes. It would be easier for me to name my firstborn child than choose a sink. Yes. I am looking for a needle in a haystack when it comes to a vanity for the sink.

I went to House Beautiful for inspiration. I found it. Look at these lovely bathrooms. There’s something for everybody.

The windows interest me. I’m a fan of windows in your walls.

A perfect zinc top.

I never grow tired of seeing white subway tile.

This is my favorite. The tub dominates in the way that it should while the very cool iron legs crafted for the vanity do what they should do in their understated way—a perfect marriage of industrial and classic. I would choose this for my sister.

I’m intrigued. First of all, the shower door is designed to look like a steel casement window, which I am a fan of.  The chandelier against the exposed ceiling is such a great balance. To me, this bathroom feels masculine but the chandelier and the simply touch of pink flowers tilts the scales just enough toward the middle. I really like this room. I wouldn’t choose it for my house. I would choose this for my friend Marshall. Or, the Alexanders (family friends of my sister and myself.) This bathroom is lovely in its own right. It’s designed incredibly well. So smart.

And you can always float the tub. I sometimes lock myself in and forget that you really can do anything you want when you’re designing a room.

I like the shelf.

All this tile is too cold for me but, hello, what a statement! I like that yellow stripe. This is serious commitment.

All these inspiring images were found at House Beautiful.


Thanks for reading, friends!