Just when your mind is all made up you see something that blows your mind and you have to regroup. Brad took me to Mission Stone & Tile to see look at some options for the master bath. And, of course, we walked in and all I could think about was the kitchen. Turns out, I’m predictable. He says he knew how this would go.

I pulled this shot years ago—found it in Domino Magazine (RIP) and taped it into a growing book of house decor ideas. I thought about this tile a few times as I was thinking about the kitchen at Bradford but I let it go, thinking this is not the house for that.

And, then we went to Mission Stone and Tile. Just a few seconds before all the pistons in my brain stopped firing and the neurons got into, like, a fist fight or something, I saw some tile on the back wall. Finally, I said to Brad: Brad. That tile. I know it might not be right for this house. But some day. In some house. Let’s use that tile. And, he said, “You could use it in your house.”

And I pretty much checked out from that moment on because all I could think about was how much I like that tile and I didn’t give a rip about the bathroom anymore I went into yeah-whatever-you-like-is-fine-with-me mode. Which is just a lie because we both know I care about everything. But I can only handle so much inspiration before I am just seized by it. Essentially, Brad is a contractor/therapist in these moments.

Here are a few pics I snapped of tile options I saw.

It’s art if you ask me. Art + Tile. And there might be a place for it in my kitchen—maybe we can incorporate it into the wall the range will be on? Of course, now we are going to try. That’s just how this team works—these sorts of ideas always win.