Early in the life of this blog I said that I don’t like yellow. At this time, I’d like to modify my harsh criticism of yellow. Let me get specific. It’s creamy, buttery, and Easter-egg-hunty yellows that are too wimpy for me.  I want a yellow that says: Here I am. Deal with me.

The trim guys are tackling the hallway as I type this—the hallway that has a good dose of yellow. I will post it in its entirety as soon as it is presentable but what can I say—I love a preview. Turns out yellow a place of its own at Bradford—and quite frankly, yellow is a total show off.

How here-I-am-deal-with-me is this?

A yellow arrow in my hallway… When Len the Lender came out to verify that we actually are working on this house therefore it is safe for me to pay for all the materials, he mentioned that my floors looked like they came from a gym or something. Clearly, he did not approve. Clearly, he thinks that we’ve chopped up the free-throw line and laid it in the hallway.

When I found this yellow arrow (of sorts) in the hallway I did not think of the free throw line. Instead, I looked up at the installer and said, “THIS… is…. perfect…. It’s just perfect. Thank you so much.” I was sort of ecstatic. My friend Pam was standing there. She saw the whole thing. And she was sort of ecstatic, too. Or maybe enamored with this yellow on my floor. The guy who laid these floors is from Romania. He watched us gush, shrugged his shoulders and just when I thought he was going to say, “Oh, it was nothing” with his thick accent he said: “It’s the contractor. The contractor did this. I don’t do this.” Are you reading this in a thick Romanian accent? Because if you aren’t you’re butchering my story.

Of course. Of course the contractor did this. Back when we cleaned the floors, I asked Brad what he’d think of putting the pieces with yellow in the hallway. This is far better than what I envisioned. (Thank you, Brad. This is the stuff that sets you apart, friend. You take the ideas we kick around and bring them to life. I appreciate you.)

I am really eager to show you the big reveal—it is in process. Instead of a traditional door covering the doorway to the stairs, we opted for an old vintage door that we will install on a barn track system. It will slide oh-so-smoothly along the ledge that’s built into the landing step. The door is older than Moses and has a letter slot. Who can resist a letter slot?

We’re incorporating a chalkboard along the opposite wall. But, we are most excited to see the lighting dangling from the ceiling—three Barn Light Electric pendants, all of which will be pay-attention-to-me yellow. I suppose this will really throw Len the Lender when he walks in and sees that I’ve used repurposed acetylene tanks tops for light fixtures.

Back to Barn Light Electric. They are an above and beyond sort of company. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with their sales team—both Donna and Chris have both helped me with different issues/orders. I have issues. They make my issues right. I like the company. I like the people. I’ve been fortunate to work with great vendors throughout this process. I look forward to sharing a bit about each of them as things progress.

Thanks for reading.