My friend, Jess, is having a baby, her first baby, a sweet girl named Claire that we’re all eager to meet. None of us more than Jess as she is nearing the last month of pregnancy. (Jess, I’m talking about you like you’re not here.) These decorating ideas for children’s rooms are inspired entirely by Claire. Jess broke all the rules and decided to ditch the pink theme. She’s got a mind of her own. Please look at Claire’s sweet little nest.

Here are a few more rooms—just in case you’re revamping your kiddo’s room.

Via my favorite design magazine from Australia Inside Out

I think if I met Amanda Peet I’d probably like her. I certainly like her style, even if she calls herself a born copier.

We’re all inspired by something, Amanda. Don’t be so hard on yourself. This room is a funny girl’s dream.


And since I’m posting pics from actors’ homes, I should feature Mark Ruffalo as he is a favorite, too.

Pictures from Mark + Amanda rooms via Domino Mag, which is no longer, which is a shame. Darn economy.


Glad you stopped by. Have a light-hearted, kid-like day.