Maybe that’s a little drastic.

It’s time. It’s time to settle on the paint color. It’s time for the master sink to be delivered. It’s time for me to get that white cabinet I bought out of my neighbor’s living room and into my bathroom.  It’s time for the mail slot to be cut into the front door. It’s time for me to get the house numbers on the house so metro can come and deem this place livable.  It’s time for people to stop dumping crap in the dumpsters I’m paying for. Please see the empty threat left for the unlawful. We’re into intimidation. What can I say? I thought it was a brilliant move on the Good Contractor’s part. It’s time. I’ve gotta move before we have to resort to new intimidation tactics.

Here’s a confession about building this house: It has challenged me. Greatly. By nature, I’m spontaneous and not so decisive. Yet I have made more decisions in the past six months than I have in the eight years I’ve lived in this town. I equate this with being a right-handed person who is being asked to write with her left hand. It doesn’t come naturally. I can be decisive it’s just that I don’t want a schedule for being decisive. Like I said, this has challenged me, stretched me, whatever–it’s been good for me.  And likely challenging for everyone else. It’s been rewarding, too. Very rewarding.

So. Get this. The walls… they need to be painted. Shocker. But I am absolutely stuck about the shade of gray for the living room. I know, I’m just full of shocking statements this morning.

Please. Look at this. It’s a color swatch nightmare. (The dark paint is from a video shoot that I did for work. It’s not in the running. Ignore it.)

I am all over the place. But I am going to decide this weekend. Maybe today.

So, on Monday, when you read this blog. I hope that you find a post explaining how I came to my senses and finally found the “right” gray.