The post from Friday—the one with all of those gray swatches of color on the wall—it meant nothing to me. Again, I find myself chatting with my friends who mix paint at The Home Depot. And they say Disney World is the happiest place on earth. Please.

I left with five new samples and more trim kit rollers wishing I’d come up with the idea for trim kits. Saturday morning—after I asked God to intervene before other people staged an intervention—I rolled on the first four of five new colors when I realized that my approach was all wrong. Just when I thought was all maxed-out on paint sample lessons it occurred to me: these colors wouldn’t fight if you’d give them all their own space to play. You might like one if you weren’t looking at all four.

Bradford Avenue Lesson #264: When testing paint colors give every color its own space.

See how they’re all fighting: purple trips green, green shoves brown, brown slaps gray around. It’s just… it’s just more than I can referee right now. So I came to my senses and put one color on one space.

Four samples vs. one sample

I chose the gray on the left: Repose Gray, a Sherwin-Williams color. And you can tell absolutely nothing about it from these pictures because the lighting is poor. But still, I share. We’re all in progress, right?

It feels a little like Christmas to me. I’m night-before-Christmas excited about peeling off all the brown paper and seeing this room for what it’s really worth. Thirteen paint samples later another decision bites the dust.