The tallest doors in the whole wide word are drying. Soon enough they will swing from hinges. For now, they dry.

The counter tops are being installed.

The piece on the right is for Bradford. The piece on the left is a once hopeful candidate. We rejected it. Wrong color. Wrong mood. Wrong message.

Also, my favorite electrician is working at light speed. Ha. Lights are dangling from ceilings, ceiling fans are spinning around, and the doorbell now has a chime. He is my favorite because he’s awesome. Not because he’s the only electrician I know. He’s very skilled and very nice–two good ways to be.

In other news, I have misplaced a very important pendant light from Barn Light Electric Company. I can’t say how this happened but it has happened. And, I could just throw up. Soon I’m going to call in the National Guard to help me search. Quite frankly, I’m freaking out. Everyone else seems relatively calm.

More tomorrow.