The downstairs bath should be classic–that has been the collective thought all along. But, we all know what happened with this house–it took on a life of its own. We just go with its flow.

When I made such great claims about what the bathroom should be back in July/August I had no idea I’d stumble upon the hardwood floors I have. I had no idea there would be yellow pendant lights hanging in the hallway that lead to this bathroom. And, I had no idea what to do a few weeks ago when I was standing in Mission Stone staring at my options for classic tile. All the sudden classic didn’t seem entirely right. I hate that moment. The moment when you thought you knew what you were doing but suddenly what you were doing isn’t what you should be doing.

So, apparently I’m pretty transparent. Brad knew I wasn’t settled and I think Chris (Mission Stone) could see it, too. Thus began their exercise in patience. And I kept saying, I don’t know, guys, which was a pretty clear indicator that I changed my mind. Again.

I was in limbo and here’s why: the bath is right off the hallway and kitchen. Both are so distinctly “unclassic” that a bathroom with white hex tile on the floor, white subway, white square pedestal–well, it just needed something.

Maybe a black tile border on the floor? It wasn’t right. We looked at other tile shapes and colors. That’s not the answer. We talked about a band in the subway tile around the walls. Who’s going to see that with a shower curtain. Waste of creativity. We decided to use gray grout. Closer. But we still aren’t quite there.

After an hour or so, I wanted to say: Whatever, let’s just go with classic. This never works because Brad usually advises me to walk away from the choosing and come back to it the next day because it’s obvious that I am throwing in my creative towel.

“Amy, let’s take some of the hardwood and make a border with it.” Perfect. Absolutely perfect. That’s exactly what we should do. And so, he did.

Something old. Something new. I like it.