Officially, I’m back. And, I’m back with pictures.

Do you remember this? This is the view of the fireplace as it was when I bought the place. Here’s the thing: there was a day when I walked past these doors and thought, What could we do besides built-in bookshelves on each side of the fireplace? It would be cool if you could have bigger windows or even doors on each side. And then I took that thought captive because I felt a little over the top. I was green. I had no idea who I was working with or the things of which we are capable. So, I settled the matter in my mind thinking I’d have built-in bookshelves—I could use some bookshelves around here.

In the midst of a typical, what-can-we-do-differently conversation between Brad and myself, he said, “What if we put long/slender French doors on each side of the fireplace so that you could move from the porch to the living room?” Yes. Yes we should. This is brilliant to the second power (as in brilliant squared).

I came home with a few options for doors, propped them up, stared at them for a while, and then we decided we should design it ourselves because when you’re a dreamer you can hardly ever find what your mind’s eye can see. That’s the stuff in life you have to make for yourself. Which means you either find people to whom you can communicate your vision or you go buy some power tools.

Here’s what we came up with and how the fireplace looks after a bit of unpacking.

I feel good about the progress. We are not entirely finished but finished enough for me to snap a few pictures.


Thanks for reading. And, thanks for being so patient while I unpacked.