I love Paul Simon. However, he had nothing to do with this.

I stumbled upon this door at Preservation Station—love at first sight. Preservation Station is a gold mine for any one who appreciates old windows, doors, and fixtures. There was so much to love about this door—mostly the glass pane got me and the letter slot. It’s off center and rusty, perfectly imperfect.

As you might imagine, when the Good Contractor saw the door he thought it belonged in the Bradford house. Agreed, but where? I am not sure how or who came to the idea of using it on a barn door system but I’m glad we did. I snatched the hardware online at Barn Door Hardware. Thank you Caleb + Brad for making this work.

It works nicely. Did I mention that it slides perfectly? It’s smooth—sort of like Paul Simon’s song Slip Slidin’ Away. Wait, Paul Simon does have something to do with this post. The door compliments the house in all the right ways.


Another view