The kitchen is my new top priority.

I’m working on getting a few important details in place: the island and open shelving. All the things piled on the countertop are shelf-bound. In due time. In due time.

As for the island, I rounded up some cast iron table legs from my uncle’s workshop. He helped me disassemble the work table right there and I’m very excited to see this piece come together. I think the island will likely be 2×6 with just enough room to slide a few stools underneath. For the time being, I placed an old blue table in the middle of the room–a makeshift island.

Meanwhile, I’ve been looking for bar stools. My preference is for a draftsman style. What can I say? I like things that spin. Like a record, baby…

Here’s what I’ve found online.

Industrial Stool from West Elm

Rustic Stool from West Elm


The Factory Stool from Sundance Catalog

Coopers Draftsman from Wisteria

Industrial Steel Chair from Wisteria

Industrial Swivel Stool from Wisteria

Smart and Sleek Stool from Wisteria


Which is your favorite?