In the midst of my renovation,  Michael called and said that he and Jana like the blog and they like what we’re doing. They also said they’d like for me and Brad to revamp their kitchen. We’re sort of busy right now…  I kid. I kid. I was flattered because it’s such a nice complement to hear someone say, “We like what you like.” They were also willing to wait for my project to wind down, which is also a complement. They waited several months.

Brad can remodel a kitchen with his eyes closed. I am, quite frankly, tagging along with stacks of pretty pictures, paint chips and personality. We met in Michael and Jana’s galley kitchen and talked about moving doors and closing windows–ways to open up the space. The work began roughly two weeks ago and is nearly finished. Earlier this week I met with Jana and Michael to look at paint colors. They’ve narrowed their options down to green and blue. Tonight we paint sample colors on the wall. You know how much I love samples.

I’m posting a few pictures for inspiration. I can’t wait to see what Jana chooses and show you a few before and after pics of her kitchen.

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