I can hardly remember this place. But, it is a true and real place from which we started—tile painted jungle green accented with an oh-so-seventies patterned wallpaper. Cross my heart, every time I see before pics of the bathroom “Welcome to the Jungle” runs through my mind. And next I think of Slash and his moppy hair. And then I try to think about something else.

I don’t think about the guys from Guns and Roses much anymore.

Much better.  I think this is much better. Forward progress. But, alas, it is plain and boring and not where it should be. This bathroom is in purgatory. The limbo that exists for rooms that are “on the list” of things that are yet to be completed. I also refer to this as “makeshift mode.” It’s the place you get to when you slap things on the wall in an effort to make it functional. Wallpaper = best solution ever.

I’ve got a pile of samples. I taped my top two to the wall last night. I stood back and stared. I will decide this week. I can’t live in this limbo, will it be Mod Green Pod or Aimee Wilder? I like them both so very much.