Here’s the skinny on the kitchen island. I was looking for something absolutely different—something industrial and atypical. When I was home for Thanksgiving my uncle told me to come by his house and dig though the barn and sheds behind his house. (Move over American Pickers–I challenge you to a “pick off.”  And speaking of, the Pickers would do well to swing by his house.) I left the farm with these industrial style cast iron legs that I picked right out of my uncle’s shed.

Come February I found myself in the lumber yard at Woodstock Vintage Lumber with Brent and Brad discussing a pile of newly salvaged lumber that Brent (Woodstock) recommended for the island top and a few floating shelves to go in the kitchen. You can imagine how much I had to contribute to that conversation standing there in the snow trying to imagine islands and shelving.

In March/April I met with Brent again. We looked at a couple samples and he recommended using poplar to make the shelves.

Here’s the finished product (minus bar stools).

Flooring and island top are both compliments of Woodstock Vintage Lumber. I couldn’t be happier with them. Many thanks to Brent and the guys at Woodstock. As I write this the floating shelves are being installed–more pics coming asap. Here’s a preview.

Thanks for reading.