Do you remember this place? This is the house I bought just over a year ago? Cross my heart, when I look at these pictures I can almost smell the way the house smelled. It was a hot moldy mess. Que the itchy eyes and scratchy throat. Mold is a nightmare, y’all.

In the midst of so much transformation, it’s easy to forget all the things that have changed. The overgrown holly bush, the old iron doors—these are the things I forget. But these pictures take me back to last summer, when I was somehow confident enough to believe that this house could be so much more than it seemed to be–days when I knew absolutely nothing about construction, renovation, how much things really cost or how much detail goes into creating an environment.

I remember pulling all my ideas for the house together into mood boards (of sorts) and sending them off to Brad (the really great contractor) and thinking,  I think I have good taste but what if I don’t? What if these ideas are stupid? That makes me smile now. If life were made entirely of magic and I could travel back in time I would whisper a secret into my ear: Silly girl. Don’t be afraid to share all your far-fetched ideas. The ideas that are great will be celebrated and come to life before your eyes. The ideas that aren’t so great, well, you’ll find that you’ve got a friend good enough to take what’s right about them and make the rest better.

Just a few days before demo started this is the view from the corner of my corner lot.

Last night , I was thinking of you (my very kind readers who have followed this story and chimed in with encouragement nearly every day of the journey) and I thought Amy, you are a terrible blogger. Give these people an update even if it isn’t “perfect.” So, I ran out to the corner and stood on the slab of concrete where two sidewalks meet and snapped this picture of a  little house that has been loved back to life. My, my, my… we’ve come so far.

Thanks for reading. And thanks for joining in on this project—there’s still much more to come.