I have this wall in my living/dining room. Confession: it’s a tricky wall because of that sweet window that sits just off-center. I love that window. I have a thing for windows in the wall And then there’s the light switch. I hate that light switch. I have a thing against light switches. It’s a joke in my house. 

A piece of furniture sat in the space between the window and doorway but it overpowered the window. What a shame. We suffered some rejection over the window so I needed something for this wall that  would work with the window, not against it.

I found these levels at an antique store in Nashville for next to nothing–as in, $8 and $10. A sucker for anything old, I thought they’d make a perfect ledge for photos.

I used these ring hangers. In hindsight, I don’t recommend these as much as some sort of bracket but this is what I had so I rolled with it. With the help of a drill these were easily installed into the back of each level.

For the first time in my life, I taped it off to get a visual before I hammered unnecessary holes in the wall. I used painters tape to get a visual for how the space would feel with the levels on the wall.

Clearly, the great thing about using levels is the fact that you are using a level. You’re odds of hanging the level level are pretty high.

I grabbed a few things scattered around the house to perch on the ledge–an old bingo card, a framed number three, a wooden printer’s block with a soccer team from long ago, and a black and white picture of my grandfather.

This is my first go–I’m sure I will change it out regularly.

And about my attempts to put fewer holes in the wall…. let me level with you: I ripped some paint off my wall. Sheesh. Darn that flat paint. Live and learn.