I carried this kitchen around in a notebook for months. Wrinkled and a tiny bit crumpled I’m hanging onto it as inspiration for the next kitchen (whenever the next kitchen happens). Brad–the good and smart contractor who built my house–handed me this photo and a this-is-so-you comment when we were coming up with ideas for my kitchen. It is so me. Until yesterday, I have wondered where this came from and then I saw it online with photo credits to Better Homes and Gardens.

Do you love it or what? The glass cabinet doors, the wood floors, that hood–it was the hood that did me in. When I saw it online I immediately thought of you all and wanted to share.

It’s silly but this picture makes me a tad sappy. It takes me right back to the early days of renovating my house when ideas and vision seemed easy to come by. It represents the creative process, the ideas, the hard work, and one of the bravest things I’ve ever done with one of the dearest friends I’ve got. I miss renovating.

Speaking of dear friends… I know you’re wondering, where is Brad? He is well and incredibly busy, elbow deep in renovating a hundred-year-old farmhouse. It is such a cool house. I cannot wait to show you a few pictures.