Have you heard of Dan Faires? Ever watch Design Star? If so, you probably know Dan. If not then I’m happy to tell you that Dan is an all-star designer, one of those contractor + designer, everything-I-touch-gets-better kind of guys.  These are the sorts of people I love to be around in case osmosis really happens. I’d like a dash of the brilliance, please. However, I’m never around Dan, probably because I’ve never met Dan, but still, I feel as though we’d be friends.

Take this coffee table for example. Dan made this. And, Dan makes making this look easy. So easy. As in, I’m pretty sure I can make this coffee table. So could you. Check out Chelsea Bowen’s article on the HGTV blog. There’s a video demo, too. Easy as pie.

Photo from HGTV

His smart and sensible approach to design comes from a really natural and hearty place–perhaps because he’s from Arkansas, the Natural State. The result is sturdy and warm design, pieces that come off as trustworthy and thoughtful. So, get this: Dan creates furniture—Capsule Furniture—from salvaged materials. I love that. The current line, The Meatpacking Collection, handcrafted from solid wood beams recovered from historic buildings in Meatpacking District of  Manhattan is swoon-worthy.

Photo from Capsule Furniture


Good stuff, right? Well, it gets better. Capsule Furniture incorporates a small design element with big heart–a glass vial “time capsule.” The time capsule includes a scroll containing the exact address and the history of the neighborhood from which the rescued wood came. Don’t you just love that. I mean, really. That’s just too much of a good thing. It’s one thing to have reclaimed wood scattered throughout your house. It’s another thing to know where it came from.  And, it’s another thing (to the second power), to have a time capsule with the story tucked away within the piece. Suddenly the integrity and history of the piece is valid. This is right up my alley. I love my island and the story behind the island; I love that the beams across that span the second floor of my home are re-purposed ceiling joists. I love my wood floors. I know where they came from, which means a lot to me, but there are no time capsules in my house. I’m still reeling from the brilliance of that idea.  I want to think of things like that….  It’s the little things, those small details that make a huge difference–that’s the dividing line between good and great. That’s where excellence starts.

Check out the excellent work of Daniel Faires. You will be inspired.