Footboards. Overrated: Yes or No? The answer, I think, hinges on three things:

1. personal preference

2. the size of your bedroom

3. the layout or floor plan of said bedroom.

 I once loved footboards. I once wore Electric Youth perfume and big bows in my hair. I still like footboards. I don’t like Electric Youth anymore. I know you’re relieved. 

Lately, I like layers and the way benches help the room and bed meet. I am drawn less to being confined by the partnership of a headboard and its footboard. I’ve outgrown all things that confine. Don’t fence me in, I say. I’ll make my own boundaries. Here are more images that inspire me.  (The inset picture is from House Beautiful.)

House Beautiful

{inside} the loop


Elle Decor






As I search the Web over for the perfect bench, trunk, or ______  to layer at the foot of my bed, I look for something that passes my litmus test: can it work in more than one place. I have a rule when I buy furniture or anything that requires much money for my home–it has to work in more than one place. You might have noticed that I don’t like to commit to one particular thing. I want options. I like pieces that work in a variety of ways. The things that are not versatile are the things I find myself dragging to Goodwill a year later.

Here are a few things I’ve found that might make a great bench at the end of my bed, or coffee table, or…. I’m sure I’ll come up with something. All are available online–

Industrial Bench from UrbanWoodGoods (with or without vintage wire locker basket)

Wes Bennett’s Etsy Shop wesbenn


West Elm

Harmony Bench from ABC Home (with or without casters)

Wood Plank Storage Bench from Ballard Designs

Kilm Bench from Overstock

From Kathy Kuo Home

Restoration Hardware

Amelia Storage Bench from Ballard Designs (fabric options available)

Urban Outfitters

What do you think? How do you feel about the bench? If you’re looking for a something to compliment your bed, I hope these links help.

Thanks for reading!