You heard it here first: I’m in (and so is this sweet little house on Bradford). If you’re a Nashvilian and home tours are your thing, I highly recommend our lovely neighborhood tour. Aside from roaming through houses—each with a personality all its own—you’ll get a taste of the local fare. This year area restaurants are catering each home. Get your ticket here!

I’d love to see you, meet you, stroll through the house with you! And, of course, you know I will give you the inside scoop on home tours… as soon as I get the inside scoop. Honestly, I think there are plenty of you who would be perfect volunteers at my house—you know the story of this house as well as me, which brings me to this: thank you. Thank you for following along; thank you for chiming in and participating. It’s been my joy to share this story with you!

Don’t be a stranger—come see the place!