… however there was a moment when we thought the best outcome might be that Jesus return and put us out of our wall-paper-hanging misery. Come quickly, Lord. Wallpaper will test your spirit.

For real.

Julie and I started hanging wallpaper around 9 p.m. and wrapped up near midnight. I recommend that if you are going to hang wallpaper you ask your tallest, nicest friend to help you.

I’d like to say it was an awesome experience. The first panel was great. I said to Julie, “I love this. I love wallpaper.” It’s so gratifying, to work the excess glue and bubbles out and see the wall transform. And then we got to the second panel, and the wall sconces and the mirror—that’s when things got tricky (and suddenly less gratifying). Somewhere during the gluing of panel two to the wall I said something along the lines of, “You know I would quit if you weren’t here, right? Like, this is the point I when I’d say to heck with this.”

But instead we pressed on—or papered on—and we love the results.

Here’s the before and after. This thrills my heart to finally post this. You have no idea. Remember this bathroom?

Look at me now. Look at me now. I’m getting paper. (Sorry, Karmin & Chris Brown are running through my head right now.)

The wallpaper in the bathroom is glued to the wall. Thanks to God and Julie.

Feels right to me. Do you approve?