After roaming though my house during the Home Tour, a kind soul approached me and said, “Okay, tell me, which is your favorite room.” I fumbled around the answer trying to keep from short-changing any of the rooms. I like them all. Each room has it’s own personality. And I like all the personalities that make up this house. Hmmm.

The living room. My favorite is the living room.

I give credit to the doors and the windows—the way they usher in natural light. A cozy couch and a chair that swivels clad with colorful pillows help make me feel most myself in that spot. That, I think, is what a home should do. It should make you feel most yourself and most comfortable in your own skin.

And about pillows…

Here’s my unsolicited advice: Don’t buy all your pillows at one place. (Don’t put all your eggs in one basket either.) If you want to create an original space then try to pull from several sources. I gathered my pillows from three different sources: West Elm, Color, and Etsy. The throw is from Sari Bari—they have beautiful pillows, too! Sari Bari is such a noble effort to restore dignity to women—the site is worth your time if you feel like clicking.


Here are a few photos that inspired me toward the space I’ve created:


Turquoise, Tulips and Bliss

Gingham and Watercolors

Inspirations for Myself

House Beautiful

Thanks for reading!