I am standing in the doorway of Angela’s barely unpacked bedroom in her newly acquired 12th South home. And already, it feels like a home, even before the first thing is on the wall or unpacked.

Angela, if you’re reading this (I sort of know that she is) do not be upset about this before picture. I only shared one. We will knock their socks of with the after picture, okay?

Sorry friendly readers—just had to take care of some business. Back to the blog:

This is her bedroom, or a partial view of it standing in the doorway looking to the right toward her master bath. I know you can see that pretty claw foot tub and all that natural light. Love. it.

Basically, she has one solid wall that’s uninterrupted. The others are clad with windows or doors. She also has a plenty of vision and really good instincts. Nonetheless, she called me to help bring it all together. Enter Amy. The first recommendation I made was rotate the bed. Put it in front of the window. It will change everything about the space for the better.

Somewhere along the way someone said you can’t put the bed in front of a window. Somebody lied.

You can.
I’ve got proof. Here are a few example, many of which I shared with Angela. Be inspired!

Note: You should check out the before and after images of My Sweet Savanah‘s bedroom pictured below—such a beautiful transformation.

My Sweet Savanah

DashboardLittle Green Notebook

Elements of Style


House Beautiful

Michael Graydon

Like I said… somebody lied.

All of these beds are stellar and inviting examples of just how right a bed is in the midst of windows.

We will reveal her house room by room. We spent two hours making major progress on Saturday and came out with a task list and timeline for making it happen. Success!

In other news…

Micah came by to shoot my house. I expect to get the images from him this week—can’t wait to share. To prove that this is not just blog hype, here’s a photo I took of him working. Oh, the irony of it all… me running around with my iPhone taking bad Hipstamatic photos of him working all the while thinking I’m out of the shot and he can’t see me when he’s using a wide-angle lens and had to say a million times, “Amy J. I can see you in the shot.”  I love this guy. You will love his images.

Have a lovely day.