A million years ago, when I started renovating my house I had this huge “issue” with where to put the TV. I wanted to hide it and I thought this family (featured in Southern Living) had the perfect solution. Then I thought I had my own perfect solution when I ran across the easel idea. I still believe this idea has potential.

I was scanning house beautiful and I saw a terrific beach house and maybe the most “Amy” way to hide the TV ever—behind an old map. I love this idea more than all the other ideas in all the world. Okay. That’s not true. But this is a great way to hide the TV.

Image House Beautiful

I didn’t hide my TV.  It’s hanging on the wall in the back of the kitchen. I couldn’t bring myself to hang it above the mantle. Look closely and you’ll see the HDMI cords hanging from it. Evidence that there are no men living in this house. Men seem to care about cords—just an observation. Image

Photo by the fabulous Micah Kandros

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