After digging through a zillion photos I found the most dramatic images ever. The things I’ll do for impact…

Just look at it: the master suite. It’s a real beauty. I look back at this and I have a hundred good memories of working on this house and at the same time that what-in-the-heck-are-we-going-to-do-with-this feeling washes over me.


Of course, we had to rip all of that out. What’s a girl to do when she can touch her ceiling?

Here’s the official (because I’m always so official) before and after.


This is where we started.


And the very same spot looks a bit different today.

Image(after photos credit: Micah Kandros)

ImageThis room is still in process but mostly it feels really good in a completely relaxing way. And by in-process I mean that I’m looking for some sheets.

I never landed on a headboard. Because I like to take my time. The bed is begging for an anchor, I think. Just something between the windows and pillows. I have a really old sidelight window from Preservation Station that might be the perfect thing to break up the wall and the bed. Haven’t gotten to it yet. I have dragged it from storage up to the bedroom. Baby steps…

Back in the spring I added a picture ledge to the wall and I like the way that turned out. I’m a fan of leaning and layering as you well know.

As for sources, the lights hanging by the bed are Barn Light Electric as are the ceiling lights. The bedding is from School House Electric and the rug is Garnet Hill. There are some shams I found on One Kings Lane and a quilt my mom gave me for Christmas that her mom quilted before I was on the planet.

My friend Caleb constructed the bench at the foot of the bed from remnants of the reclaimed floors from downstairs. Essentially, he can turn anything into something.

And this is Caleb & Jess’ cutie-pie daughter. Just call her Claire-In-The-Box. I couldn’t resist. This is a family blog, you know. Friends are family to me. I love other people’s children. 

To finish the bench/trunk/whatever, I used a picnic blanket from West Elm, some quilt batting and a staple gun to cover the lid. I thought about adding some old casters to the bottom. Maybe I will on a slow day when I’m bored. I’m not bored much lately, y’all.

There you have it—the master in its current glory which knowing me will be a temporary glory. I like to keep switch it up now and again.

Thanks for reading.