A million Google searches ago, I found the work of Amy Rice which led me straight to her Etsy store and has since led me to her Flickr page—I mean, I’m practically ready to ask her to be my friend on Facebook. Isn’t that the way the internet goes. One day you don’t know somebody; the next day you are creeping through their Facebook albums. The internet is weird.

I am a huge fan of her work and I think she’s the sort of artist you all will appreciate because she gives you the story behind her work. I always think when you hear somebody’s story you can’t help but like them. Unless of course, they tell you their story and they turn out to be a complete jerk. I digress.

Aside from her work, the reason I love Amy’s Etsy shop is because she gives you some context, whether it’s how she made it or a little inspiration as to how this art might look on display.


I have a thing for maps so I’m especially fond of her map series and if you know me at all I’m especially fond of song lyrics so this is a favorite of mine:

Here’s what she says about the series:

Last winter I bought an antique sign press (letter press) at an antique store. I found a stack of antique atlases the very next day at an estate sale. I heard “You Can Go Your Own Way” on the radio on the way home and it was one of those giant light bulb moments.

I had been painting on and with antique maps, atlases and globes for a few years, exploring direction (and my inherent lack thereof) and so this series of song lyrics about direction on antique atlas pages has been a neat addition to my more painterly work.



In her studio

Lucky girl, her studio space is clad with soaring windows that scale 20 foot walls and offer a view of the Mississippi River. Don’t hate her because her studio sounds like heaven. In all seriousness, I am utterly jealous yet thrilled for her that she gets to create in such a space. The building is a former grain mill turned art haven where 20+ other artists have studios. Again, sounds like heaven to me.

Take a look around.

All photos via Flickr and Etsy by Amy Rice.

So do yourself a favor and check out her Web site or her Etsy Store and support a fabulous working artist! And check out the other bloggers who are participating in Nester’s 31 Days!

Thanks for reading! Let’s do this again tomorrow.