Once upon a time, I had this client who really liked motorcycles. And I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cool to track down some artwork that celebrates all the risk and rambunctiousness of two wheels and an engine

Images like this inspired me. I so want to know the story behind this photo.

I blame my fascination with two-wheeled transportation on my older cousins who all drove some sort or dirt bike or motorcycle at some point or another. So, I was eager to find some art This guy, this guy in this piece of art, he could have been in my family:

Imagine my delight when I found the work of Brandon McLean. In his own words, his Amazing Isn’t Enough series is “based on motorcycles and machismo.” Machismo. That’s a great word. Machismo. Personally, I love the series. I’m such a fan of black and white photography, mixed media, and all things nostalgic.

Take a look at some of the work:

About the artist
Brandon McLean is an Orlando based mixed media artist who creates multi-layered paintings and installation works rooted heavily in the realms of nostalgia. Much of  the work uses appropriated imagery, text, logos and stories  from both popular culture as well as more personal,  auto-biographical sources .” I find making art to be the perfect process for me to explore the meanings, and mysteries amongst life and it’s memory”

Check out more of Brandon’s work here!

Art & Artist Bio via Brandon McLean