I took a printmaking class at Watkins College of Art and Design a few years ago. I’ve pretty much been ruined ever since. I do love ink and paper and making things by hand and wearing an apron and listening to good music while you’re doing it.

One of my favorite letterpress shops is Hammerpress, a letterpress studio in Kansas City, MO. I haven’t made it out to Kansas City but when I do, Hammerpress is on my list of must-visits. I have a few of their art prints and am a fan of pretty much everything they do.

Check out their work and Web site where you can purchase said work.


ImageI think the “Beauty” and “Grace” would be sweet in a little girl’s room.

I have this print in my home. What can I say, I love classic country—who else would name their dogs Patsy Cline and June Carter. If I had a cat I’d name her Kitty Wells. And, I completely agree, frowners never win. I mean, even if they win by some sort of technicality or they win “on paper” they looked mad the whole time—that’s not winning. Nobody likes a frowner.

ImageI’m a fan of their calendars.

ImageImageAnd the concert posters.

ImageImageImageYou can also buy sets—this particular set reminds me of my friend, Lauren, who just got married a few weekends ago in the most beautiful forest you’ve ever seen.


I spent some time on their blog which only fueled my fascination with and respect for their work. There is something about a process that goes from conceptual drawings, to hand-setting type, to an actual letterpressed label that I find entirely beautiful. Check out the Hammer Press blog where they walk readers through the whole process—it’s impressive.

Here’s a preview!

From this:


To this:

ImageTo this:

Image All of the beautiful pictures you’ve seen today are from Hammerpress—buy some art, support artists and the artistry of hand-made things.

Hope your day is lovely!