I should have written this last night. But I was glued to my TV, watching the premier of Nashville. Glued, I tell you. I was glued.

The only thing that’s more fun than knowing there’s a TV show being taped in your backyard is seeing this fair city come to life onscreen. It seems that “Nashville” has made those of us who love Nashville even more fond of the place. And then there’s Connie Britton. She is a favorite actress of mine. I like to say I knew her when she was Tami Taylor.

In honor of celebrating Nashville (the show and the city), I wanted to share the work of a local advertising agency that has done a tremendous job of interpreting the  Spirit of Nashville.

Anderson Design Group captured the things that come together to create the fabric of this great city. From well-known venues like Ryman Auditorium and the famed Bluebird Cafe to local favorites like Bobbie’s Dairy Dip, Loveless Cafe and Fox’s Donut Den, Anderson Design Group reminds those of us who live here just how many treasures we have inside our city limits.

The prints are also available framed. I think this Bobbie’s Dairy Dip print is my favorite yet. Or maybe Mas Tacos. I can never choose. There are so many more online.

Check out the work of  Anderson Design Group. There are other series to look through. Just click the image below and it’ll take you there.

Enjoy! And, please tell me you tuned in to watch Nashville, too!
And, did you like it?

(All prints are the work of Anderson Design Group.)