Zachary Smith’s work will eventually make it’s way into Lauren’s house. I am sure of it.

Lauren works as a graphic designer. Naturally, she loves typography and art. But if I had to use one word to describer her, I’d say she is an adventurer. Per her Instagram account, she can be found in the mountains, or canoeing, or white water rafting at any given moment. She is the person who told me about geocaching, which honestly, I’m still not sold on. She is also most likely to do it herself when it comes to the renovation and redesign of her own first home. She’s unafraid.

Once I mentioned to Lauren that I admire her adventurous spirit. She told me that she tries to say “yes” to opportunities—she’s willing to give life a try. Note to self: just say yes.

For obvious reasons, I thought of her when I saw this on his website:

Zachary Smith Typography and Saw


Zachary is a fabulously talented 21-year-old, a self-described typographer, illustrator, and designer on the grind. While his Tumblr followers patiently wait for his online store to open, he’s still feeling the love as he continues to earn the support of many fans.

Here’s a little more of his work:

Zachary Smith Work Hard Stay Humble


Zachary Smith Saw

You can follow Zachary’s work here or like his Facebook page—it’ll make him feel good. Like the G&B Facebook page while you’re at it! All the photos here are from Zachary’s site and the credit is his.

Here’s to inspiring friends, Zachary Smith’s artistry, and an unflinching spirit of adventure.

Let’s all say “yes” a little more.