The designer in me has a split personality—half eclectic and half, well, I am not sure that I can put my thumb on it right now because my style, well, it’s always changing. I’m feeling a little classic lately. What’s that about?

Here are three eclectic living rooms that I find charming.

Up first: Lucy’s living room. Owner of Fenton & Fenton, her above-shop house was recently featured in the Australian publication Inside OutHere’s a shot from that spread.

Inside Out Magazine: Lucy Fenton's Living Room

Next, the work of Design Manifest . Check out their blog for more where this came from, such nice work.

Design Manifest Interior Design

Last but not least, Joy Cho’s house. I first saw her house in Anthology Magazine and have since seen it a zillion places, including Emily Henderson’s blogI am crazy about her gold + white wallpaper. I used it in a client’s bathroom. Turned out wonderfully.

Joy Cho's Living Room

Speaking of Emily Henderson, I love her living room. Don’t you?

Emily Henderson's Living Room

Sometimes eclectic is assumed to be mix and match but there’s a method to the madness.

Here are three tips:

  1. Keep it in neutral. If you want your eclectic style to take off, start out in neutral. White walls leave room for your accessories to steal the show.
  2. Anchor down. Use color in a larger piece of furniture or a rug to pull the eye down and anchor your artwork and collected pieces. Otherwise everything just feels as if it’s floating along rather than part of a big picture.
  3. Pull it together. Whether it’s a pattern, shape, texture, finish or color—having one common thread that moves throughout the room will make sense of your collection. So if you like geometric patterns, use them on a pillow, in a piece of art on the wall and again on the rug. If high-gloss finishes are your thing then use them on a few frames and your coffee or side tables.


My Name Is You

Here’s a bonus:

While I was working on this post I listened to My Name Is You on Spotify. Their new record The Fortunate Ones is lovely. It’s very good work music + travel music + cooking-in-your-kitchen music.

I particularly like the song Bark + Bite. The lyrics “If I asked for all of your help would you give it to me?” grabbed my attention.

Isn’t it hard to ask for help sometimes?