Sarah and Bendrix Gold Foil Art Print

This perfectly styled room featuring prints from Sarah and Bendrix is proof enough why decorating with gold is a good idea. Whether you use it in small doses or fully commit, gold foil prints add something special to any wall.

Katie Gastley print From


My hunt through the pages of Etsy looking for gold led me to my own backyard.  What are the odds?

Here are four fabulous choices from Nashville artisans. As if I needed more reasons to love this town.

Stephanie Creekmur’s southern sayings like, “Hey Y’all”, “Heavens to Betsy” and “Hold Your Horses” are available in her Etsy Shop.

Heavens to Betsy

A touch of gold from my witty friend Lyndsay’s Avant Cards Etsy Shop

Everything is going to be Amazing


From the Etsy Shop of Charm and Gumption, who I happened to bump into at the Porter Flea on Saturday—these are even prettier in person. Trust me on this.

Charm & Gumption Gold Foil Prints


And, a favorite from Oh My Deer. Her handwritten fonts are just perfect.

Oh My Deer Gold Foil Proverbs 31:29Note: Oh My Deer’s Etsy shop is closed for a quick vacation. She’ll be back and her work is worth the short wait.


I have two bonuses for you today. 

All that means is that I have two more things to say that are just barely about the title of this post but I want to tell you anyway instead of keeping this perfectly on point. I’m generous like that.

1. This is my very favorite song about Nashville. “I’m going back to Nashville, thinking about the whole thing….” It makes me feel sentimental and thoughtful. How happy was I when I found out this song was written about my friend, Liz? I like it twice as much now.

2. Maybe you’re like enough with these Nashville girls and their gold foil? (Maybe you’re angry?) But seriously, maybe you want something gold for your desk and you’re crafty. Is this a stretch?

How ’bout a little DIY project?

Well, Chelsea from Lovely Indeed  would like to help you add your own gold. Get step by step directions for this mousepad on her blog Lovely IndeedChelsea is not in Nashville. That’s the only thing that is keeping this off-point. 

Lovely Indeed Gold Mousepad


Or, make this paper mache bowl from Kelli Murray’s blog:

Kelli Murray DIY Gold Paper Mache Bowl

Go for the gold, folks.