Refresh Magazine Cover


Take a hundred pictures—that’s what I’d do differently. When the Refresh team moved into my house for a few days, I considered myself a student, learning much about what’s needed to stage a photo for print. I only wish I’d taken more pictures of them in action. I also might have used my Cannon instead of my near-death iPhone.

Refresh Team // Photoshoot



We spent two days looking at my house from every possible angle, rearranging rooms, and moving things about. In that process I observed so much about what makes a room work in photos.

Here are five tips for styling your house for photos:

  1. Flower Power. When you look at a table or bookshelf or mantle and think, this needs something, chances are fresh flowers will do the trick. Fresh flowers are the best gap fillers.
  2. Eat Your Veggies. But don’t eat your fruit. Kitchens need color. Sliced watermelon, a bowl of strawberries, or pears piled in a basket at the center of an island are tried and true ways to add a pop of color. Stick with one type of fruit—a wooden bowl with twenty tangerines piled in it makes a stronger impression than a hodgepodge of mixed fruit.
  3. Add Layers. If you have a pile of books on your coffee table, place them in a tray (like this one from West Elm) and you’ve got dimension in an instant. Throw an extra quilt on the bed or another pillow on the couch.
  4. Think Outside the Prop. Take items like bar stools or suitcases and use them in unexpected places. Drag your the stool into the bathroom and place folded towels on it. Tuck a suitcase under a coffee table and add a stack of books to it and you’ve used props in new ways.
  5. Do Your Homework. Thumb through a magazine and take note of the pictures you favor. What’s the common thread? It’s okay to be a copycat and recreate it!

And, here’s a peek into the article:

Refresh Magazine: Hallway


Refresh Magazine; Dining Room

 Photo Credit: Jeff Herr

Refresh is on news stands now—you can find it at the grocery store, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and so forth. The magazine includes an extensive list of resources (where to get things) and plenty of advice for  how to pull it off. Check out the Better Homes & Gardens Blog for ideas, inspiration and the latest trends.