Each year on my birthday I make a list. Larissa introduced me to this—when she turned 31 she wrote a list of 31 things to do by 32. The exercise of listing things (big and small) challenges me to make the most of my year.

Say Yes Banner from Etsy

Last year my list included:

  • Get to know my neighbors.
  • Eat more kale.
  • Go to more concerts. Taylor Swift, here I come. #red. #noshamehere #i’mfeeling22justthinkingaboutit
  • Start a new blog + business.
  • Say yes more.

I determined to say yes to the things that make me a little nervous—those things that sometimes make me feel vulnerable or push me right past the edge of my comfort zone. 

Over the weekend I worked on inspiration + mood boards to help establish creative direction for a corporate office overhaul.

I said yes to the challenge mostly because it made me a little nervous to work with commercial/office space rather than residential space. But what could I do? I had that I-don’t-want-to-fail feeling and I knew I had to say YES.

Here are ten (or more) home offices to inspire you (regardless of space and size).

The Closet Office

Office NookPinterest

 The Kitchen Nook 

Kitchen Office NookHouse and Home

The Studio

Studio Office with Garage Door


The Corner Office

Office In a CornerSource

The Basement / Man Cave Office 

Masculine Office + Mancave OfficeSource


The Vintage Office

Vintage Inspired Home OfficeSource

The Collector’s Office

Office with Tall Ceilings and ShelvesHouse and Home

The Industrial Office

Industrial Office DecorFrom Best Home Design Inspiration

(And Industrial + Eclectic)

Industrial Eclectic OfficeSource

The Loft Office

Office in Loft SpaceSource


The Office I Dream Of

Office Space, Indoor Swing

Check out this pinterest board for my favorite studios and workspaces.

The Say Yes Banner is available in Available in this Etsy Shop. Maybe I should hang that in my office?